Our Story

Kelt Capital is a boutique New Zealand investment banking business established by Sam Kelt in 1987. It was specifically created to add value to the business and capital structure of private sector market leaders. Key activities include Mergers and Acquisitions, Debt and Equity Structuring and Project Design and Implementation.

Through it’s 30+ year history Kelt Capital has created industry leading opportunities for its clients as a result of its dynamic deal-making capabilities and competitive edge. In recent years, Kelt Capital has utilised its own balance sheet and knowledge to strategically invest in industries which it believes are fundamental to New Zealand’s identity and economic prosperity, and its clients’ and partners’ commercial endeavours.

Simultaneous to growing it’s business profile, Kelt Capital has always prided itself on helping the community through a range of initiatives, which are outlined in the Community and Sponsorship section. This has always been a strong passion of Kelt Capital’s, due to Sam’s underlying passion and belief that you should always give back to the community. As Kelt Capital continues to grow, supporting the community through new sponsorship and talent initiatives will continue to be a foundation value of the firm. 

This combined culture of ‘value-add’ and ‘giving back’ has and always will be the backbone of Kelt Capital and such an approach has led to the firm building a strong and loyal client base, who continue to thrive across industries, both nationally and globally.