Advisory Services

The Kelt Capital principal business ethos is ‘Value Add’ for its clients and business partners. 

Kelt Capital strictly adheres to three key principles to ensure the success of its ‘Value Add’ ethos.

These include:

  • The predominance of a long-term loyal client base, which is often intergenerational and enables the thorough and intimate knowledge of its client’s businesses and philosophies.
  • Comprehensive industry knowledge. Kelt Capital specialises its services in industries where it has extensive knowledge and experience.
  • A narrow transaction corridor focussing exclusively on Mergers and Acquisitions, Debt and Equity Structuring, and Project Design and Implementation.

This allows Kelt Capital to take an aggressive transaction stance which in turn delivers the strongest ‘Value Add’ proposition to its clients. 

Mergers and Acquisitions

Kelt Capital specialises in providing Mergers and Acquisitions advice and implementation to leading private sector businesses. This service specifically supports Kelt Capital clients to acquire and merge businesses to achieve efficiency, industry rationalisation, dominance and value growth.

Examples include:

  • The acquisition of Australian based produce trader, JH Leavy. This transaction was designed and concluded on behalf of the Darling Group to vertically integrate their privately owned avocado business.
  • The acquisition, by Lowe Corporation, of the Silver Fern Farms byproduct processing facilities and business.

Debt and Equity Structuring

Kelt Capital provides Debt and Equity Structuring advice to streamline, strengthen and provide growth platforms to its client’s balance sheet in order to enable them to maximise various strategic and commercial opportunities.

Examples Include:

  • The restructuring of medium and long-term debt facilities to enable the continuation of extensive privately owned forestry estates. 
  • The design and implementation of both a syndicated multi-currency debt facility and convertible note equity instrument to ensure the largest privately owned meat industry participant could sustain its processing facility acquisition and development.
  • The equity raise and share sale of SVM, one of NZ’s leading horticultural IP company’s, to fast track their expansion into the Chinese horticultural market.

Project Design and Implementation

Kelt Capital designs and implements, through the raising of debt and/or equity, its own projects to take advantage of specific strategic commercial opportunities. Kelt Capital often participates as an investment partner in these projects.

Examples Include:

  • The restructuring and rationalisation of two of NZ’s predominant primary industries being the wool processing and meat industries, through project design and Mergers and Acquisitions.

Kelt Capital Clients