Young People

Kelt Capital sees young people as the future to New Zealand’s success and consequently has always strived to invest significant time and financial resources into helping them excel. Initiatives have been focussed on local Primary Schools, Hereworth School and Havelock North Primary School.

Kelt Capital’s young people initiatives have focused on supporting talented individuals in their pursuit of high quality education, as well as helping schools develop their respective facilities for all to enjoy.

Hereworth School

Sam Kelt considers himself to be extraordinarily privileged to be a Hereworth School Old Boy and has been a strong financial supporter of Hereworth  School since 1996.

Support has been on many fronts, including:

  • Rebuilding of the 1st XI cricket square to Central District’s standard along with the installation of a best practice irrigation system
  • Substantial contributions to various school building projects
  • Scholarship programmes to boys who could not otherwise afford a Hereworth School education

The school stands unparalleled as the country’s leading Private Preparatory School.

Havelock North Primary School

Kelt Capital undertook the research, fundraising and substantial personal financial contribution to build a multi-purpose (Hockey, Soccer, Netball, Athletics, et al) astro turf facility. This was a New Zealand-first for a Primary School and was generally considered as an undoable project.

Sam Kelt underwrote the financial requirement, lead the fundraising and financial contribution and completed the project in 14 weeks. The building of this turf increased child outdoor sports and activity participation at Havelock North Primary from 27% to 86%. The turf facility was consequently heralded as a huge success and became a role model for a number of other Primary Schools throughout New Zealand.