Television and Film

New Zealand’s Television and Film industry is in a ‘golden era’ following international promotion as a safe haven from Covid-19. There’s hope that the sector will play a pivotal role in contributing to economic recovery from the impact of the pandemic.

WWO Third Universe

Kelt Capital has partnered with award-winning novelist, Alan Duff, to create a globalised TV Series based on the characters and story of his bestselling work, Once Were Warriors (1990). Around the world the ground-breaking book is considered a classic. The book was made into an international hit film in 1994 which achieved international cult status. The ‘WWO Third Universe’ brings the novel and characters onto global television with a superstar team and the very top television players at a time when the world is demanding cultural content. 30 years later, the Once Were Warriors story and characters are still widely known and relevant in today’s climate. The Once Were Warriors global brand is as big as anything to come out of New Zealand and international viewing audiences are primed for the Series.

Insatiable demand for content

There has never been a greater clamouring for diverse series-based television content. The array of consumption platforms are intensely competing for market share, which is driving the global demand for highly prized premium viewing. International viewing audiences are primed for New Zealand stories, intellectual property and productions.

Premium buyers

Kelt Capital is specifically targeting premium buyers interested in nuanced and elevated material. Examples include HBO MAX, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and AppleTV.

New Zealand in high demand

New Zealand is considered a safe-haven that offers world-class production teams all that they need to create highly entertaining, engaging and ‘binge-able’ content. The wait-lists for New Zealand studio spaces are already up to 10 years long with new enquiries received weekly. New Zealand has a variety of scenery locations and nearly every ecosystem on earth. We have a low exchange rate to USD, film-friendly support from Council and attractive Government incentives. Television and Film sector services account for more than 136 different business sectors. No other industry touches as many business sectors other than large government.