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The Kelt Capital Story

Kelt Capital is a boutique New Zealand investment banking business established by Sam Kelt in 1987. It was specifically created to add value to the business and capital structure of private sector market leaders. Key activities include Mergers and Acquisitions, Debt and Equity Structuring and Project Design and Implementation.

Through it’s 30+ year history Kelt Capital has created industry leading opportunities for its clients as a result of its dynamic deal-making capabilities and competitive edge. In recent years, Kelt Capital has utilised its own balance sheet and knowledge to strategically invest in industries which it believes are fundamental to New Zealand’s identity and economic prosperity, and its clients’ and partners’ commercial endeavours.


Kelt Forestry Group

Kelt Forestry Group

Kelt Capital has built its own forestry portfolio, across the North Island, following decades of experience helping clients in both the timber and carbon industries.



The Kelt family has been involved in Bloodstock sale and purchase, breeding and racing for four generations.

Lets Play Live (Esports)

Lets Play Live (Esports)

Kelt Capital is excited to be right at the forefront of this world-changing opportunity. Esports is the world of competitive organised video gaming, a billion-dollar industry attracting growing investments.

Advisory Services

Mergers and Acquisitions

Kelt Capital specialises in providing Mergers and Acquisitions advice and implementation to leading private sector businesses. This service specifically supports clients to acquire and merge businesses to achieve efficiency, industry rationalisation, dominance and value growth.

Debt and Equity Structuring

Kelt Capital provides Debt and Equity structuring advice to streamline, strengthen and provide growth platforms for clients’ balance sheets. This enables clients to maximise strategic and commercial opportunities.

Project Design and Implementation

Kelt Capital designs and implements, through the raising of debt and/or equity, its own projects to take advantage of specific strategic commercial opportunities. Kelt Capital often participates as an investment partner in these projects.

Community & Sponsorship

Kelt Capital has always actively looked for ways to support the community and individual talents within it. In doing this, Kelt Capital has designed and led a number of community sponsorship initiatives, enabled some of our most talented to excel on the world stage and supported schools in their respective ambitions. Leading initiatives include; the creation of Kelt Capital Stakes, Kelt Capital Horse Of The Year and sponsorship of the Kelt Capital Magpies.

Young People

Kelt Capital sees young people as the future of New Zealand’s success and consequently has always strived to invest significant time and financial resources into helping them excel. Initiatives have been focussed on local primary schools, Hereworth School and Havelock North Primary School.


Kelt Capital believes a strong and connected community is key to a region’s success and as a consequence has been involved in the design and expansion of a number of leading community initiatives. From the creation of New Zealand’s most affluent horse race to helping the Hawkes Bay Magpies return to the top division, Kelt Capital has always looked to help the community grow.


Kelt Capital passionately believes in helping talent reach its potential on the world stage. This was the key motivator behind Kelt Capital’s support of Emma Twigg, from her time at Hastings Girls High School through to becoming 2014 Rowing World Champion. In 2020, a similar sponsorship partnership was launched with Jonte Wright as he ambitions to become a 2024 Olympic Champion. 

Kelt Capital Clients